Bliss Bedroom Inspiration

Bliss is a pink and grey bedroom inspired set.

July 2019

SA R3 uniform profile.

Manufacturer Signature Plastics

ABS Double-Shot




Dixie Mech
EU My Keyboard
Asia/Oceania Daily Clack














My love for pink and rose gold was in full force at the time I started designing Bliss. The "pink and grey" color palette infiltrated many aspects of my life (living room, bedroom), so I thought it would be a fun challenge to try my hand at designing my own keyset. I am also a huge fan of icon modifiers and even more so custom icon modifiers, so keyset designing opened an avenue for me to dabble creatively, which is probably the most rewarding aspect for me.

So, where to start? I go more in depth about my keyset design process in a different blog so go check it out if you're curious about what I've learned about designing keysets there!

Bliss Swatch

At this time, I didn't know nearly as much of the color process as I do now, so I started by ordering some plastic chips off of Signature Plastic's website, since they were a potential manufacturer for the set. While they had a wide range of greys, they unfortunately did not have many pink options so I had to turn to Pantone. I ordered about 7 Pantone plastic chips in total before landing on my perfect Bliss pink.

My friend Abec13 had just started dabbling in rendering as I started this project, so luckily I received many renders from him as he learned his way around rendering software. I spent a lot of time publicizing the set on various platforms and trying to build hype to ensure that the set would succeed. I was also chasing down artisan makers for collaborations and.... oh, did I mention cables? There was a lot going on.

This was also my first time collaborating with artisan makers so I'm very grateful to all who agreed to one!

Bliss on Satisfaction 75

April 2020

I am so excited to finally be able to use Bliss after 9 months of waiting and 12 months since project start... but definitely worth it! I may have been swayed over to KAT profile but receiving Bliss has definitely reminded me why I loved uniform profile so much. Can't wait to try KAM and stay tuned for KAT Bliss... 😉