[Pre-Order] Bliss: Salvun Artisan


Bliss artisan cap brought to you by Salvun.

Pre-order will be available from June 15 to July 1st.

These caps are estimated to ship in November 2020 -> updated to Q2 of 2021 (see Salvun's status page here). It shouldn't take this long but supply chain and shipping is a nightmare so we're giving extra buffer time.

The artisan is available in SA R3 profile and is compatible with Cherry MX stems.

Polished copper with clear Cerakote finish and lasered design.

This item is a pre-orderIf you purchase this with any other items, you will receive your order once this item is available.

This product is available from 3 other vendors:

CA: Aura Mech
EU: My Keyboard
Oceania: Daily Clack

Part of the SA Bliss collection.

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