SA Sculpted Bliss Ungodly Artisan


This item has been pulled from the GB. See the update on Discord. Here's the invite link if you are not part of my Discord yet. Instead I will be purchasing some to stock and they will be available for purchase when they are available.

SA Sculpted Bliss artisan cap brought to you by Ungodly Design.

This product listing is for the artisan cap only.

These caps are estimated to ship in Q3 of 2021.

The artisan is available in SA R1 profile and is compatible with Cherry MX stems.

Aluminum with Cerakote finish and enamel design.

Terms and Conditions
The images of the products are renders and not images of actual products. The final product may vary slightly in color and presentation.

This item is a group buy item. If your order contains any other items, your order will ship once all items in the SA Bliss group buy becomes available to ship. There may be delays in fulfillment due to the nature of group buys. There are no refunds or cancellations on these orders.

Part of the SA Bliss collection.

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