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If you're looking for advice on a build or parts, join my Discord or DM me! I will do my best to point you in the right direction :)

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This service is for if you already have a keyboard and switches. Do not fill out this form if you do not have a keyboard yet and are still looking for parts. Feel free to join my Discord to ask for advice! I will not purchase parts for you, you will need to source them yourself.


  1. Fill out this build service form.
  2. I will get in touch to arrange something with you.
  3. If we come to an agreement, I'll have you sign a service contract that will list out the services and price breakdown.
  4. You ship me your keyboard, switches, stabilizers, lube (if you will be providing your own), keycaps (optional). I also require customers to provide their own return shipping label.
  5. I complete the build, invoice you for the build, and ship back your board!
  6. Enjoy!

Do not fill out this form if you do not have a keyboard yet and need advice for parts. Please join my Discord to ask for advice! We are really friendly and there are quite a few people who can offer recommendations.


Keyboard Services


$70 for boards under 70%.
$75 for boards 70% - TKL.
$80 for boards above TKL.
Prices include stabilizer clipping and lubing! I use dielectric grease and 205g0. You can send me a different lubricant to use as well.


I will ONLY hotswap clean PCBs. If you send me a desoldered PCB and there is damage I do not take any responsibility.

I am currently out of sockets so you will need to provide your own.

Millmax 7305 Sockets
$1 per switch (2 sockets) - you provide your own sockets.
Kailh Sockets
$0.50 per switch (1 socket) - you provide your own sockets.


$50 for boards below TKL
$70 for boards TKL and above

I will only desolder your board if you also need it built.


Accent LEDs: no extra charge.

Per key LEDS: if you really need this, please include it as a note in your form and we can discuss further.


Switch Services

I do not offer standalone switch services. I am more than happy to lube and/or modify your switches if it is for a keyboard build!

My switch lubing prices have increased due to two factors:

  1. I don't have much spare time to lube switches anymore.
  2. Lubing switches is not that enjoyable to me.

There are many offering switch services on r/mechmarket if you are looking for more affordable services!


If you provide your own lube:
$80 for boards under 70%.
for boards 70% - TKL.
for boards above TKL.

If you will use my lube:
$90 for boards under 70%.
$100 for boards 70% - TKL.
for boards above TKL.

I have Christo 129, Krytox 205g0, Tribosys 3204 on hand.


$10 for boards under 70%.
for boards 70% - TKL.
for boards above TKL.

per single switch mod ie: spring swap, click bar swap, filming.
Please provide your own supplies.

For frankenswitch mods, price will range depending on the parts involved. List what you're thinking of and we can discuss!





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Switch Services

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