My mechanical keyboard hobby and #bedroomgoals journey started hand in hand, sparked by my Adult job, which meant a new apartment to furnish and finally the chance to build my own custom PC set up. What I realized in my 2 month deep-dive into the custom keyboard hobby, is that the emphasis on custom means a vast and unlimited combination of choices. To the point where if there was something you don't quite like about one aspect of the board, why not make it yourself?

Since joining the custom keyboard community, I've definitely taken more steps into the creative realm and ventured out into different things. I now stream regularly on Twitch (mostly keyboard build requests) and have had both of my keysets, Bliss and Eternal, run successfully! With my upcoming keyset, Kitty, I was inspired to draw a pretty darn cute kitty-in-taiyaki design which is one of my favorite art pieces I've done. I've even helped my friend run his set SA Sunday Morning which will ship sometime this year! 


I hope to be able to share more about and support mental health issues down the line, but I'm not quite ready for that yet. In the meantime, I'd just like to say that all of the support I receive from everyone has been incredible! It has inspired motivation and brought me happiness that I cannot even begin to describe and I am just eternally grateful.


Thank you!