Sub Gifts

I am offering enamel pins for those who've been subbed for the designated amount of time, OR for those who have saved up their channel points to redeem the Boba Samoyed pin at 50k points and the Crabby Samoyed pin at 100k points. You do not have to be subbed AND redeem the pin with channel points. This means you can save up points to redeem without subbing, or redeem more pins in addition to your 6 month or 12 month gift. These pins are sub exclusive which means they will not be available to purchase. Of course, you do not need to claim your gift if you're not interested, this is just a little extra thank you for those who like to collect little trinkets!

They are hard enamel pins, and approximately 1" in size.




How to Redeem

Sub gifts are available at no cost to anyone who is eligible to redeem. Subs who have hit the respective 6 month or 12 month mark, or any minty fresh Twitch community members who have redeemed the sub gift with channel points will be sent a an individual, one-time-use code to redeem their pin. I will be messaging these codes through Twitch chat or Discord!


Thank you so much for the support!